Our goal is to enable our clients to take advantage of expanded marketplace opportunities in order to grow their businesses and add incremental profit to their bottom lines. We can provide the financing needed to facilitate the import and export of commodities and other goods, as well as to accommodate fast growth, large orders, the gap between delivery and payment, seasonal sales spikes and expansion into new markets.

We do not limit our qualification criteria to a merchant’s balance-sheet and credit history. Instead, we look at the viability of the transaction as a whole, including the transactional risks and opportunities.

The principle is simple. You negotiate the terms of business with your suppliers as you normally would. In contrast to usual practice, OITM enters the contract as intermediary. It buys the goods for a defined financing period – up to 3 months for consumer goods and up to 12 months for capital goods. OITM settles the bill immediately but you still benefit from the full payment terms.

This way you improve your company‘s liquidity and avoid tying up your capital in less productive areas. In addition, you can improve your negotiating position with the supplier and potentially obtain additional price concessions.

Hedging and Financing of Letter of credits

We offers for our clients and support the handling of the respective deal in order to secure your export in “difficult” countries. This includes, among other things, the preparation of calculations and support with the drafting of corresponding contracts as well as the monitoring of the time critical aspects of the ongoing deal. You can profit from our long term and highly regarded national and international contacts to find the right solution for your company.

We also support you in the following areas:

-Purchase commitments / Silent Confirmation

– Financing of deferred payment Letter of credits

– Advance financing of sight and deferred payment Letter of credits